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Working Papers

Work Permit Application Instructions

  • Fill out Part I only on the first sheet.  Make sure you have your parent/guardian sign in the space provided.
  • The second sheet is a Physical Fitness Certification form.  Complete top section only.  If you play sports for school and have been recertified, or are a sophomore and have a physical on file in the nurse’s office, she can sign off on that for you.  If you haven’t had a physical within one year, you must get one from your doctor.  It must have a doctor’s signature and stamp, or it will not be accepted.
  • The completed papers must be taken to the College & Career Center in the high school – room 1127.  You will need to show I.D. when you submit your application. 
  • No one can pick up a Work Permit Card except the applicant.  The applicant must sign the Permit in front of the Issuing Official.  All paperwork is then kept on file by the school where you reside.  If you lose your permit or get a new job, you can obtain a “Duplicate” from the Issuing Official.

Work Permits During Summer Vacation

  • Work permits will be processed by appointment only during summer hours. Please call the SHS Main Office at (585) 293-4540 to make an appointment. They will be issued Monday-Friday at the Senior High School door 1. 
  • The above listed forms must be filled out correctly with a parent signature and proof of current physical.