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New Visions

New Visions Program

New Visions is a one-year career exploration program that provides highly motivated seniors with the opportunity to gain valuable insights into all aspects of health care professions within the health sciences career cluster.

Students have the opportunity to: • Network with industry professionals • Participate in job shadowing • Earn high school and college credits • Develop mentoring contacts

New Visions is the only senior year educational experience that provides a full year of real world career immersion



  • New Visions is a career exploration program. It is not a skills training program.
  • Students with a pre-determined professional goal will be assigned to a variety of careers to experience the interconnectedness between occupations. 
  • New Visions students have the opportunity to shadow professionals. The program is not an internship. Students do not provide services to clients or patients. 
  • There is a required application and acceptance process.

See their website for additional information.

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES: New Visions