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NCAA Eligibility

The NCAA Eligibility Center unveiled a new registration website for college-bound student-athletes planning to enroll in college fall 2010 and later. The Eligibility Center feels that this environment will aid you in easily accessing the vital information needed to assist student-athletes and parents with the registration and academic and amateurism certification processes.

Once you have registered online, complete an Application Tracking Form to have your transcript sent to NCAA.

Approved Courses

Churchville-Chili School District has a list of NCAA approved courses. Please enter our CEEB code (331375) on the Eligibility Center website to view the listAfter checking the list and completing the registration process, visit the Counseling Center to request an initial copy of your transcript be sent to the Eligibility Center. Students who have attended more than one HS will need to requests transcripts from each HS. A final transcript will be sent to the NCAA upon graduation.