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Civic Readiness

Civic readiness is the ability to make a positive difference in the public life of our communities through the combination of civic knowledge, skills and actions, mindsets and experiences.

About the Seal of Civic Readiness

Through civic education, students will learn how to identify and address problems in their community. They learn how to demonstrate respect for the rights of of others, respectfully disagree with other viewpoints and provide evidence for a counter argument.

Churchville-Chili will continuously work to develop students' civic readiness throughout their PreK-12 education and will include:

  • Civic Knowledge
  • Civic Skills & Actions
  • Civic Mindsets
  • Civic Experiences

Students earning a Regents diploma at Churchville-Chili can also choose to pursue the Seal of Civic Readiness, which recognizes the readiness of a student to participate in American democracy with recognition of this accomplishment on the diploma certification. 

Civic Readiness Informational Packet


Seal of Civic Readiness

Additional Information

If you have questions or would like additional information on the NYS Seal of Civic Readiness, please contact your student's school counselor or:

Elizabeth Hoelper
Social Studies Instructional Leader


NYS Education Dept.
Civic Readiness