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Meet the new Saints Athletic Mascot!

We are excited to announce that the district has determined a mascot to be used for Churchville-Chili athletics and more! Thank you to our Churchville-Chili students, families, staff, Board of Education, alumni, and community members who provided feedback throughout the decision process. Following the results of the finalist survey, we are happy to share that our new mascot will be Cee Cee the Saint Bernard!

We believe it's essential for this new mascot to reflect the spirit and values that define us. Our athletic committee - made up of students, faculty and board representatives - worked with design company Rickabaugh Graphics to ensure the new mascot embodies our strong sense of unity, resilience and pride. Cee Cee is a fun, super athlete and fan who is always ready to fire up our C-C Saints crowd.

We look forward to celebrating our Saints pride with Cee Cee!

Image of the Saints Athletic Mascot, Cee Cee the Saint Bernard

Meet Saints Athletic mascot Cee Cee the Saint Bernard, designed by Rickabaugh Graphics for Churchville-Chili Central School District.


Late December Announce upcoming search  
January Gather stakeholder input through survey  
Mid-February Narrow submissions to three final concepts  
March Rickabaugh Graphics designs mascot for each final concept  
April Gather feedback on final designs  
May Final decision


May-August Costume manufacturing  
September Introducing Cee Cee at events