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Athletic Placement Process

The Athletic Placement Process (APP) is a program for evaluating the student-athlete who is better prepared to participate in sports at higher or lower level.

The intent of the APP is to provide a protocol to allow advanced students in grades 7 and 8 to move up; or for students in grades 9-12 to move down. This process allows student-athletes to participate safely at an appropriate level of competition based upon physical and emotional readiness as well as athletic ability rather than by age and grade.

This process may take several weeks to complete based on individual situations. Therefore, all requests for APP should be started no later than 1 month prior to the JV/V season start date.  Late requests could jeopardize approval for the start of the season and/or tryouts.

To begin the process please sign and submit the parent permission form (located under Related Files-Required Forms) prior to the deadline to the varsity head coach of your sport season. Varsity coach approval is a key step in the process due to minimum playing time requirements. Recommendations are made to the athletic office through the varsity head coach.

Once the permission form is submitted to the coach and medical approval is given by the school physician the athletic department will contact the student-athlete and their parent regarding fitness testing. 


APP Process Steps:

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Information from New York State Education Department regarding APP The number of students who are allowed to compete outside of their grade levels should be few and far between. The program is intended only for the athlete who has the physical maturity, physical fitness, and sport skills to be placed with other athletes outside of his/her grade level. Abuses in the program by those not considering the well-being of the student-athlete cannot be condoned. There are many potential physical and social/emotional pitfalls that must be avoided, and once a student is elevated, the decision is irreversible. Please keep in mind that, until you are approved student-athletes may not attend any practices.

Fitness Test Information:
If the student-athlete is approved in steps 2 through 5 by district personnel, the athletic department will notify the student-athlete and parents regarding a specific testing date. Testing typically occurs 1 week prior to the season start date. The physical fitness testing area is open to only student-athletes being tested and their coaches.   Athletes need to bring fitness clothing (sneakers, shorts, t-shirt).  The test typically lasts for 1-1.5 hour(s). Student-athletes will need to be picked up at school at the conclusion of the test.  The standard to pass the fitness test is the 85th percentile in the presidential fitness test. Student-athletes need to be physically prepared and train in advance to pass the fitness test requirements.

Questions can be directed to our district athletic coordinator. 

293-1800 extension 3670.  


For additional information or questions on the APP, please contact the athletic office at (585) 293-1800 ext. 3110 or the varsity head coach of your sport's program.

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